Putting education into motion.

Miracle Skate is now offering unique S.T.E.M field trips. This program is designed to take learning to the next level for your students. The S.T.E.M. program supplements teachers’ current curriculum with a lesson that is fun, interactive, and hands-on. This is one science class your students will never forget!

A Unique Education Experience

Our S.T.E.M. Program includes:

  • Lessons taught by talented instructors
  • Meets Common Core Curriculum
  • 1 hour of S.T.E.M Education
  • 2 Hours of Physical Fitness through Roller Skating

Lessons are suited to both elementary and middle school students including topics such as: 

  • The Science of Roller Skating
  • Motion & Rink Design
  • Music, Math & Roller Skating
  • Super Sound! Acoustics & Rink Design
  • Fractions and Math
  • Engineering Magic & Lighting
  • Heart Health and Fitness
  • Physics of Artistic Skating
Are you interested in bringing your class in to participate in this S.T.E.M program? Fill out the form below, or call (559) 674-7655 for more information.


STEM Field Trip Inquiry

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